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Thank you so much Jasmine for helping me quit smoking. Without your expert skills as a therapist and counsellor I would still be a long term heavy smoker.  When I walked into your office on the 24th Feb 2013  I was very sceptical but with that one session I was completely free of my smoking addiction.  It’s now been 2 and a half years and I am so much healthier, no more constant coughing and being out of breath, its has made a whole world of difference to me so again I can thank you enough Jazmine.  Love from sally

 I was apprehensive at first but Jasmine soon put me at ease and I found myself feeling comfortable in no time! I was amazed at how easily conversation flowed and Jasmine soon got to why I smoked! Having spoken about the reasons why she then sent me into a deep relaxing trance and I came round feeling exhausted! But I haven’t had a cigarette since ! Though the urge is sometimes there. Especially after food I haven’t had one because I feel sick at the smell!
I can highly recommend Jasmine she is a lovely person and my session definitely a success!

I went along to see Jasmine as I had lots of anxiety issues with travelling, especially flying and being a passenger in a car towing a caravan.Straight away Jasmine put me at ease with her calming voice and presence. I only needed a couple of sessions and during this time I was taken through a journey whilst under hypnosis. It was very relaxing and took me to a happy place. Since my sessions with Jasmine I have been on two plane journeys and various caravan holidays. Regarding the flying I closed my eyes and remembered my happy place, deep breathing where necessary and overcame my anxiety and even started to enjoy the flying experience. I’m still no fan but I can cope a whole lot better. Similar with the caravan, I can control my anxiety and only very rarely to I pretend to break!My husband says I am so much better with the travelling. I have even volunteered to map read whilst we travel through France in the Summer. I would highly recommend Jasmine for any issues you may face.

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Life can be a challenge, and sometimes we need a little help to get over the obstacles it seems to be placing in our way. In a nutshell that is what I am here for. Whether you need motivation, a confidence boost, or just the ability to step back and take life one day at a time, hypnotherapy can help you on your journey. .

Hypnosis is simply entering a relaxed state, allowing you to harness the enormous power of the subconscious mind. Whether it be to change learned patterns of behaviour or simply to understand just why it sometimes seems we sabotage our best efforts, the subconscious mind holds the key to the new you.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards changing your life for the better…

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 Ad.Dip Psy C. Dip Hyp CS

What I can do for you

Stop Smoking

Do you want to quit smoking? Have you decided the time has come to get rid of this habit you no longer want? Well I can help with that. Becoming a non-smoker will change your life. You love the idea of more energy, looking younger and no longer being chained to this habit. Well the time has come to contact me, i can help.

Weight Loss

Do you feel that you could do with some help losing weight. You’ve tried diet clubs and the weight comes off but it is a constant battle to keep it off. Well this is where I come in. I can help you find why you’ve put on weight and help you keep it off.  Come along for a relaxing and informal chat.


Phobias are so common now days that we just dismiss them but has your come to a point where it is affecting your life? Do you rationalise it away but when the situation happens you are no longer rational. Whatever it is I can help you get to the bottom of it. Letting you just get on with it.


Stress and anxiety are sadly an inevitable part of daily life but sometimes they take their toll in our lives.If you find you are waking in the night worrying, it’s time to get help. Hypnosis is a natural and effective was of helping you  relax and learn to deal with stress.


We all have times in our lives when we have pain. But after it has outlived the message it needs to give us what can we do with it. This is when I can help. Pain is not something you have to live with. So don’t.


Almost everyone at one time or another has had trouble sleeping. The problem is that while we can cope with one bad night’s sleep – just about! – when it becomes a regular occurrence, it can have a profound and very depressing effect on our lives.

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Hypnotherapy can be used for a large range of different services dealing with aspects of everyday life like insomnia , depression, stress and anxiety to chronic pain and self esteem.

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