As a hypnotherapist one of the most popular subjects I get approached about is stopping smoking. Hypnotherapy has been used to stop smoking with many clients over the years and everyone has heard a story about someone being hypnotised. This is one of the services which I offer which I most enjoy. Stopping smoking can make such a large difference to lives in so many different ways. I’ve spent time with clients talking about all the different aspects that will change.

For some its their health, they want to go to the gym and do that cardio workout. Or they just want to be able to breathe properly. It’s a scary  place to be, getting out of bed and struggling to take a breath. And yet still wanting a cigarette…..   It’s time for a new action plan… Let’s talk…

For others the fact that they will have extra money in their pocket. I’ve worked out with one client if the money that was spent on cigarettes was put aside they could buy themselves that BMW that they always wanted. Keep the  MONEY in your pocket!!!!

These are pretty big motivators but I’m not going to lie… you got to really WANT IT!!!  

That’s when you should call me.