Jasmine Roberts

I’m a qualified Hypnotherapist (Ad.Dip Psy C. Dip Hyp CS ) with an alternate background in customer services which I feel has helped me learn how to get on with a wide section of humanity. I’ve also studied naturopathy, psychology, anatomy and physiology, and I am a qualified counsellor.

But what makes me a little different is that I am originally from New Zealand and have been lucky enough to travel extensively before settling for the peace and tranquility of my rural village home. I draw on the many and varied experiences I enjoyed whilst I visited different places and befriended a large variety of different peoples. My business range is around Cambridgeshire but I mainly work in the Ely and March area.

I am an accredited hypnotherapist with the  national hypnotherapy society.

My philosophy

I am thankful for the insight my life has given me into the world and believe I have become a much more empathetic person as a result. I have always enjoyed helping people and have seen with my own eyes time and time again  how hypnosis has helped resolve issues and genuinely change lives for the better. 

Hypnosis has helped me make powerful changes in my own life and that experience has made me want to pass this gift on..