Stop smoking now

1 Often there is the concern that it’s going to be difficult. If you’ve made up your mind to stop smoking, and theres nothing to stressful on the horizon. ( I wouldn’t advise this the week before you get married ).The chances are high you’ll actually be surprised how easy it is. Clients tell me time and again how simple it actually was. 

2 People often worry about putting on weight. The reality some clients may put on a little weight but most actually don’t. If you have a tendency to comfort eat we can look at the issues around this and deal with them directly. For those who do put on a little weight they still look much better and younger.  Skin starts to look healthier due to the blood flowing around your body and helping the cells regenerate. I can see a difference in my clients rapidly. So one thing I can be certain of you’ll look better.

3 Are you worried It’ll affect your social life? If you’ve been socially smoking for years it can be difficult to say goodbye to that, it’s almost like an old friend. One who’s been stealing your money and poisoning you. So actually saying goodbye to this part of your social life is a positive change. You can lead the way amongst your friends to now all become non- smokers. It’s only getting more difficult nowadays to smoke in public with laws preventing you from smoking in your cars and around any public buildings.

4 You’re worried about how it’ll  change your life in a way you don’t like. Yes, let’s be honest we all worry about change. What will you do to relax? What will you do instead of smoking? Now, this is such an individual experience. We all smoke for different reasons. Looking at your reasons why and what other things you’ll enjoy instead. Because the reality is there are always better options than smoking. Actually going outside to enjoy the setting as opposed to hurriedly smoking a cigarette. Enjoying the energy levels that will get better without it. I’ve never had a client tell me that they regret stopping. It’s always been the most positive thing they’ve done in their lives.

5 So worried that you may not be able to make a difference to how bad your health has become. Clients come to me worried about their health. They’re coughing blood and it’s starting to look serious. The truth is stopping smoking will have a positive effect on your health practically straight away. Within 20 minutes your body is starting to feel the benefit. After 12 hours your blood oxygen level is returning to normal, then 2 weeks to 3 months you’ll be breathing easier and your risk of heart attack is dropping. After a year your risk of stroke and heart attack is halved. The benefits simply go on and on. By the time 20 years has passed you’ll have the same risk of heart attack as a non- smoker.

So what other concerns do you have about stopping smoking? Let me know and we’ll address them together.

Because your story is unique to you and every story is worth telling if it can make your life better.

If you are or ever have been a smoker you’ll know how difficult it can be to quit smoking. Stopping smoking will be a pivotal point in your life. There are so many ways you can stop smoking and every one of them is worth your time and investment till you find the one that works for you.

Hypnotherapy can be one of the most powerful experiences and yet the simplest way you can achieve becoming a non smoker. Here I have some motivational information for staying a non smoker or taking the step to become a non smoker. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever made in your life.  Being located in a quiet village in Cambridgeshire, Sutton, Ely, I can provide a confidential service when you feel its the right time to finally stop smoking. As a professional hypnotherapist I can provide a range of services.  And helping people become non smokers is something I find very fulfilling. Seeing the changes that happens almost immediately be it the boost to their health, the increase in vitality, the financial benefits or the knowledge they will providing a healthier life for those around them stopping smoking becomes one of the best things they’ve ever done.  So whatever your reasons are its time to  call me. Professional Hypnotherapist covering Cambridgeshire, Ely, St Ives, and March areas.

As Spring turns to Summer I find myself trying to sort out my sleep patterns again. These warm mornings are great but as it gets lighter and brighter the earlier wake up call leaves me feeling drained. Not to mention the sleepless night brought on by my need to think and this heat the 2 am wake up is  just not needed. I remember in my carefree  youth,  the laughter and light hearted quips about sleepless nights. My head used to hit the pillow and I was out like a light… waking up refreshed. But in recent years  I fall into the pillow and if I’ve got a slight worry it seems to come back to haunt at some stupid hour, making me overthink everything. Indeed did I shut that door?, was that person upset with me?, have I written enough in that client’s notes?, will it rain?,  And of course the most important thing…How can I stop over thinking ,  just let this go and  how can I get back to sleep?. Which would then leads into a cycle of over thinking about that too. Because I just need to let this go… and go back to sleep…  and all of a sudden insomnia is my new best friend. Keeping me company in the small hours of the morning.


And to make matters worse I’ve also found there seems to be something about drinking alcohol. I like to socialise and sometimes have the odd tipple, afterwards I’d wake up, feeling hot and uncomfortable like someone turned up the heating. I’ve never been a big drinker, my friends call me a light weight, but even I’ve  noticed the difference in the dry periods of my life. And as the seasonal drinks come around holidays and of course this time of year with the BBQ’s and social outings, I find I notice a big difference in my sleep patterns. Will I have to become teetotal ? Shudders… I do enjoy a lovely G&T, what about that lovely cold prosecco which has so recently entered my life?  But sleep, oh I needed a good nights sleep….

Sleep sweet sleep

And this was affecting MY life and my business.  And now days we all know the effects of a bad nights sleep.  As a therapist I’m aware I could use either counselling or hypnotherapy to address the lack of (beauty) sleep. But I’ve found hypnotherapy works best for sleep problems. Our subconscious mind’s are  in control at night,  and mine had a different agenda to me. So I realised I had to treat myself first. As I started treatment  I noticed a difference nearly straight away. The usual 2 am wake up was gone and it became 5 am. Now days it’s become 7am just before my alarm goes off. I’m waking up refreshed and thinking constructive thoughts about my day. Letting go of all those things I can’t change but being proactive on the things I can. I’ve cut back on the amount I’m drinking but find I actually still have a great social life. I’ve got great friends and know lots of people.  And the better nights sleep are making me able to enjoy this even more. So bring on the Summer and bring on many more good nights sleep. I am blessed.


When all you want is a good nights sleep. Call me.


I often get asked what is hypnosis ? Then I often get asked   ’Will you make me cluck like a chicken?’

 My answer is… ’ If you want to cluck like a chicken, I can make you cluck like a chicken, but why would you like to cluck like a chicken?…..’


The reality of hypnotherapy is that maybe it can help you achieve what you want, but hypnotherapists can not make you do anything you don’t want to do.  

Yes Its that simple, you have to want  it….


Hypnotherapists not here for entertainment like a stage hypnotist. A stage hypnotist is very good at picking out people who are not shy and  people who are to get up happy to get up  in front of an audience. Some people want and like attention, and a stage hypnotist knows this. Clucking like a chicken or acting silly gets attention.  This is very entertaining and for some people this provides an outlet for their more playful side. But I’m a hypnotherapist and a counselor,  I use hypnotherapy with a therapeutic goal. I’m helping my clients achieve their potential in their own lives. This is why hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool. It can help you overcome unhelpful patterns of behavior that have been in place for years.  Aspects of yourself that you’ve wanted to deal with for years. We basically relax  you and start dealing with your subconscious which is where we store all our memories and feelings.


So if it’s time to stop smoking, deal with that anxiety or phobia then hypnosis could be the therapy for you. Hypnotherapy covering Ely, Sutton, March, St Ives, and  Chatteris.chicken


Are you worried you or someone you know may be have depression?We all have times in our lives when we feel down or unhappy, this is normal but when that mood becomes too much when should we seek  seeking help? We all know life has its ups and downs, when those down become too much what do we do? Signs of having depression could include:

Being restless or irritable

Tired all the time, fatigued

Do you find it difficult to focus on tasks?

The inability to sleep or insomnia

Do you always feel like crying?

If you’ve thought about hurting yourself or someone else there is a definite need to talk to your GP or someone you trust. Life as we all know is not necessarily fair and there are times everyone can feel like things get on top of them. But if this goes on for too long it’s time to seek help. Don’t be in this alone. Talk to someone you trust, or contact your GP. Taking this step may be difficult but be aware we’re all multi layered and that most people will experience depression of one form or another. There are different forms of treatment for depression including medication or talking therapies such as counselling and hypnosis.

Why won't my brain work? Why am i confused all the time?