Do you ever just wonder how you are going to make it through the day? Why do you always feel so worried or anxious? Are these thoughts starting to impact on your relationships, your work and your mental health. Here are some top tips for dealing with anxiety

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Exercise: getting your 30 minutes of exercise everyday is not only good for your body it’s good for your mind. Don’t limit yourself to the gym. There are so many ways to get exercise. Be creative, do you like music? Dance around the house to your favourite tracks. Do you like gardening, make a point of finally digging over that veggie patch. How about joining that belly dancing group? It’ll make you feel so much better about yourself and get you meeting others. What about mud running, there is a whole industry built around mud. And let’s be honest ladies and gents not only will it  have the feel good factor, it’ll also be great for your skin. Do you have a baby? There are often local buggy fitness groups which meet and pound the pavements.You are only limited by your imagination here. But it’s about finding a form of exercise which suits you.

Breathing: when your body starts to become anxious pay attention to your breathing. Take a deep breath slowly in and out. This simple exercise can be one of the most effective ways of dealing with anxiety and stress.

Education: start to understand what is happening to you. Talking to others who know what you are going through like a counsellor or therapist can be  helpful. Knowing that others understand what is happening to you can be very empowering and you are not alone with this.

Sleep: Create a routine for yourself around bedtime. Make sure it does not include too much screen time. What relaxes you? Drinking a warm milky drink or having a nice bath or shower can help. Relaxing aromatherapy oils like lavender or chamomile are well known to help. I’ve heard of people creating hops pillows to help them sleep. What works for you? Is insomnia a problem? Hypnotherapy can be useful for insomnia.

These are just a few tips for dealing with anxiety. Be aware that we are all different and sometimes the effects can take time, staying positive is important. But most importantly taking the time  to look after yourself, learn what your triggers are and get help if you need it.You are not alone in this.


New Year a time for reflection


As we see the new year in we are often re-evaluating our lives, even if upon that reflection we don’t like what we find these moments if used correctly can be a time of healthy change. I myself found over the Christmas period the overindulgence of food, alcohol and just sheer social activities often leaves me feeling depleted and downright grumpy. My usual cheery demeanor wears thin and the fact I am an introvert (To find out whether you are extroverted or introverted test here) becomes glaringly obvious.. I need my own space to recuperate. It’s not a choice I make it quite simply is a matter of energy. Being around other people seems to make me very tired. And I find I love being at home. In my own space.  Reflecting on my own I now  realise how my overindulgence’s over the Christmas period have not only affected my waistline but my lifestyle. My sweet tooth has taken hold. I want to have dessert every night, something I never usually needed and all of a sudden those sweets at the shop look very tempting… oh go on… why not I say……

But the fact is I KNOW WHY NOT… I’m aware that diabetes is on the rise, I know that my jeans are getting a bit tight, I’m aware that my sugar levels go high then drop dangerously low and I know high sugar lowers my immune system. Even with all this information I find I need a little help to get back on track. Help to find the healthy me. Often at this time I find hypnotherapy very helpful. It motivates me to get back on track and it makes me feel great whilst I do it. Helping me lose the weight and hit those cravings on the head…. BRING ON THE New Year…. Bring on a new me… well maybe just the same me…. but slimmer… healthier..


As Christmas draws closer staying balanced at such a busy time of year can provide a challenge. Often the pressures from expectations, those of ourselves and others adds to the the workload we  all carry. Causing some of us to spend the holidays stressed and anxious when to add to the stress, we should be happy. The added challenge of a recent loss or bereavement for some is often magnified at this time of year. Those people who would have been a special part of the season are no longer with us. Often leaving some of us feeling vulnerable. Those little rituals or routines that used to make Christmas special to us are no more. That person, that space, the ability to do what we have done before has changed. And change whether we want or not,  is happening, Christmas will be different. Creating a new Christmas when we are feeling this way can be difficult. Working with my clients at this time of year I often start looking at things that they can do.Simple changes, aspects that may not have thought about before.  Or even things that could stay the same. Often the empty chair, plate or cup can be used as a nod to the change.    A new ornament for the tree or a 5 minute break to reflect can become just a special way to remember those who are no longer with us. However you choose to spend this time of year though I hope you are kind to yourself. Spending time looking after yourself and those around you. And doing what feels right for you.


As a hypnotherapist one of the most popular subjects I get approached about is stopping smoking. Hypnotherapy has been used to stop smoking with many clients over the years and everyone has heard a story about someone being hypnotised. This is one of the services which I offer which I most enjoy. Stopping smoking can make such a large difference to lives in so many different ways. I’ve spent time with clients talking about all the different aspects that will change.

For some its their health, they want to go to the gym and do that cardio workout. Or they just want to be able to breathe properly. It’s a scary  place to be, getting out of bed and struggling to take a breath. And yet still wanting a cigarette…..   It’s time for a new action plan… Let’s talk…

For others the fact that they will have extra money in their pocket. I’ve worked out with one client if the money that was spent on cigarettes was put aside they could buy themselves that BMW that they always wanted. Keep the  MONEY in your pocket!!!!

These are pretty big motivators but I’m not going to lie… you got to really WANT IT!!!  

That’s when you should call me.