What I can do for you

Stop Smoking

Becoming a non-smoker will change your life. If you love the idea of more energy, looking younger and no longer being chained to this habit the  time has come to contact me. I can help you to help yourself Quit.

Weight Loss

You’ve tried diet clubs and the weight comes off but keeping it off is a constant battle.  Hypnosis can help you find why you’ve put on weight and help you keep it off.


Phobias are so common now days that we just dismiss them but has your come to a point where it is affecting your life? Do you rationalise it away but when the situation happens you are no longer rational. Whatever it is I can help you get to the bottom of it. Letting you just get on with it.


Stress and anxiety are sadly an inevitable part of daily life but sometimes they take their toll in our lives.If you find you are waking in the night worrying, it’s time to get help. Hypnosis is a natural and effective was of helping you  relax and learn to deal with stress.


We all have times in our lives when we have pain. But after it has outlived the message it needs to give us what can we do with it. This is when I can help. Pain is not something you have to live with. So don’t.


Almost everyone at one time or another has had trouble sleeping. The problem is that while we can cope with one bad night’s sleep – just about! – when it becomes a regular occurrence, it can have a profound and very depressing effect on our lives.