Are you worried you or someone you know may be have depression?We all have times in our lives when we feel down or unhappy, this is normal but when that mood becomes too much when should we seek  seeking help? We all know life has its ups and downs, when those down become too much what do we do? Signs of having depression could include:

Being restless or irritable

Tired all the time, fatigued

Do you find it difficult to focus on tasks?

The inability to sleep or insomnia

Do you always feel like crying?

If you’ve thought about hurting yourself or someone else there is a definite need to talk to your GP or someone you trust. Life as we all know is not necessarily fair and there are times everyone can feel like things get on top of them. But if this goes on for too long it’s time to seek help. Don’t be in this alone. Talk to someone you trust, or contact your GP. Taking this step may be difficult but be aware we’re all multi layered and that most people will experience depression of one form or another. There are different forms of treatment for depression including medication or talking therapies such as counselling and hypnosis.

Why won't my brain work? Why am i confused all the time?

As Christmas draws closer staying balanced at such a busy time of year can provide a challenge. Often the pressures from expectations, those of ourselves and others adds to the the workload we  all carry. Causing some of us to spend the holidays stressed and anxious when to add to the stress, we should be happy. The added challenge of a recent loss or bereavement for some is often magnified at this time of year. Those people who would have been a special part of the season are no longer with us. Often leaving some of us feeling vulnerable. Those little rituals or routines that used to make Christmas special to us are no more. That person, that space, the ability to do what we have done before has changed. And change whether we want or not,  is happening, Christmas will be different. Creating a new Christmas when we are feeling this way can be difficult. Working with my clients at this time of year I often start looking at things that they can do.Simple changes, aspects that may not have thought about before.  Or even things that could stay the same. Often the empty chair, plate or cup can be used as a nod to the change.    A new ornament for the tree or a 5 minute break to reflect can become just a special way to remember those who are no longer with us. However you choose to spend this time of year though I hope you are kind to yourself. Spending time looking after yourself and those around you. And doing what feels right for you.