1 Often there is the concern that it’s going to be difficult. If you’ve made up your mind to stop smoking, and theres nothing to stressful on the horizon. ( I wouldn’t advise this the week before you get married ).The chances are high you’ll actually be surprised how easy it is. Clients tell me time and again how simple it actually was. 

2 People often worry about putting on weight. The reality some clients may put on a little weight but most actually don’t. If you have a tendency to comfort eat we can look at the issues around this and deal with them directly. For those who do put on a little weight they still look much better and younger.  Skin starts to look healthier due to the blood flowing around your body and helping the cells regenerate. I can see a difference in my clients rapidly. So one thing I can be certain of you’ll look better.

3 Are you worried It’ll affect your social life? If you’ve been socially smoking for years it can be difficult to say goodbye to that, it’s almost like an old friend. One who’s been stealing your money and poisoning you. So actually saying goodbye to this part of your social life is a positive change. You can lead the way amongst your friends to now all become non- smokers. It’s only getting more difficult nowadays to smoke in public with laws preventing you from smoking in your cars and around any public buildings.

4 You’re worried about how it’ll  change your life in a way you don’t like. Yes, let’s be honest we all worry about change. What will you do to relax? What will you do instead of smoking? Now, this is such an individual experience. We all smoke for different reasons. Looking at your reasons why and what other things you’ll enjoy instead. Because the reality is there are always better options than smoking. Actually going outside to enjoy the setting as opposed to hurriedly smoking a cigarette. Enjoying the energy levels that will get better without it. I’ve never had a client tell me that they regret stopping. It’s always been the most positive thing they’ve done in their lives.

5 So worried that you may not be able to make a difference to how bad your health has become. Clients come to me worried about their health. They’re coughing blood and it’s starting to look serious. The truth is stopping smoking will have a positive effect on your health practically straight away. Within 20 minutes your body is starting to feel the benefit. After 12 hours your blood oxygen level is returning to normal, then 2 weeks to 3 months you’ll be breathing easier and your risk of heart attack is dropping. After a year your risk of stroke and heart attack is halved. The benefits simply go on and on. By the time 20 years has passed you’ll have the same risk of heart attack as a non- smoker.

So what other concerns do you have about stopping smoking? Let me know and we’ll address them together.

Because your story is unique to you and every story is worth telling if it can make your life better.