New Year a time for reflection


As we see the new year in we are often re-evaluating our lives, even if upon that reflection we don’t like what we find these moments if used correctly can be a time of healthy change. I myself found over the Christmas period the overindulgence of food, alcohol and just sheer social activities often leaves me feeling depleted and downright grumpy. My usual cheery demeanor wears thin and the fact I am an introvert (To find out whether you are extroverted or introverted test here) becomes glaringly obvious.. I need my own space to recuperate. It’s not a choice I make it quite simply is a matter of energy. Being around other people seems to make me very tired. And I find I love being at home. In my own space.  Reflecting on my own I now  realise how my overindulgence’s over the Christmas period have not only affected my waistline but my lifestyle. My sweet tooth has taken hold. I want to have dessert every night, something I never usually needed and all of a sudden those sweets at the shop look very tempting… oh go on… why not I say……

But the fact is I KNOW WHY NOT… I’m aware that diabetes is on the rise, I know that my jeans are getting a bit tight, I’m aware that my sugar levels go high then drop dangerously low and I know high sugar lowers my immune system. Even with all this information I find I need a little help to get back on track. Help to find the healthy me. Often at this time I find hypnotherapy very helpful. It motivates me to get back on track and it makes me feel great whilst I do it. Helping me lose the weight and hit those cravings on the head…. BRING ON THE New Year…. Bring on a new me… well maybe just the same me…. but slimmer… healthier..